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GIYA - in pre production


I invite you to consider investing in Giya – a feature film being shot in Sydney this April/May – that could potentially make substantial returns for investors. Giya is a fun-filled, mind-bending, black comedy set all in one night in a downtown Sydney restaurant. The story contains a shocking and hilarious twist-ending that will leave audiences feeling thoroughly satisfied.

We already have two private investors fully on board but are aiming to reach our ideal budget of $50K (50,000 AU dollars) to ensure the highest production values. Generous profit share and Executive Producer credits will be granted to all who invest. We’ll seriously consider all other investor requests.

Giya is being helmed by acclaimed writer-director James Morcan (who I have made three movies with in the past). I am producing the film through my production company MoneyShot Productions. James and I also both have acting roles in the film. My other long-time collaborator – the wild, explosive actor Justin Banks – has joined our cast…as has the stunning and brilliant actress Carma Sharon.

Major Aussie film stars will also soon be approached.Here is our film’s IMDb pre-production listing: you’d like to consider this investor proposal, please reach out. We have another 35k to raise so any amount will help to get this over the line! Our screenplay and business plan are ready to be assessed now.

Thanking you all in advance.

Gil Ben Moshe / Producer


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