Time Travel 2

Short Comedy Sketch 2019

Pixel Wink

Written by: Carma Sharon

Director, Producer & Editor: Carma Sharon
Stars: Tom Simin, Carma Sharon, Tim Tari
Story by: Terminator
1AD : Waheed Naddafi 

DOP: Jack Kelly

Sound Recordist: Shannon T B

Gaffer: Fawaz Hamawy
CGI: Tom Simin

A Very Odd Engagement

The File (Teaser)

Short Thriller 2018


Channel Number One

Writer, Producer, Editor & Director: Carma

Stars: Carma, Asaf Angel 


A Magnificent Specimen

Short Crime Comedy 2019

Directed By: Karen Buckton
Written By: Karen Buckton
Produced By: Saul King Production

Stars: Saul King, Carma Sharon, Sam Sidhu

A bumbling crime gang boss makes a deal with the leader of another crime gang to bump off the man who killed her father. He also intends to buy a sparkling new Ferrari and hold a lavish party, but not all goes as planned.


Short Mystery 2018

Winner of SF3 2018 Best Cinematography

Nighthawk Productions

Director: Rah Sharma
Writer: Laurent Boulanger
Stars: Carma, Nadim Accari, Shaun A Robinson 


Short Horror 2018



Director: Lyndsay Sarah Doyle

Writer: Lyndsay Sarah Doyle

Stars: Mikaela Binns-Rorke, Lauren Lofberg, Carma   

The Eden Code

Short Sci-fi 2019

Shirudo Production

Writer and Director: Tom Simin

VFX and Edit: Tom simin

DOP: Tenzin Rabsel

Stars: Tom Simin, Paul Micheal, Carma Sharon, Liam James, Tristan Hodder



Short Film – Drama 2018


Director: Azita Damandan

Written By: Shiva Mousavi

Produced By: Shiva Mousavi and Azita Damandan

Stars: Atefeh Saniee, Sarah Plummer, Shima Khosravi, Carma Sharon, Madjid Alaie, Arman Azadi, Shiva Mousavi

Tara, a Persian lesbian woman living alone in Sydney Australia has suffered a lot.
Still remembering her sad past, her girlfriend's arrest, and the trauma she encountered; Tara tries to start fresh. A misunderstanding with her neighbor can be a new beginning, a happy ending or a vicious circle?



Short Mystery 2019

Transparent Pictures
Producer: Carma 

Director: Tim Pek

Writer: Laurent Boulanger 

Stars: Carma, Paul Milsom, Laurent Boulanger 

Mason (Teaser)

Short Thriller 2016


Bryan Pike 

Director: Bryan Pike 

Stars: Carma


Short Parody 2016


Director: Gareth Carr 

Stars: Carma, Nicholas Carter 

The Plan

Short Comedy 2014


Director: Adrian Tan

Stars: Carma, Tim Tari



Black comedy 2018

Directed By: Vaibhav Vats
Written By: Vaibhav Vats
Screenplay By: Vaibhav Vats
Produced By: Neelish Films

The story revolves around interesting 30 characters who are attending Terahvin of a young girl. It showcases how some of us as individuals, have not only become superficial in the way we express and/or react to emotions but also how as a society at large, we not only appreciate but also cultivate this behavior.

Time Travel

Short Sci-Fi 2019

Pixel Wink

Director, Producer & Editor: Carma Sharon

Stars: Tom Simin, Graeme Waddell
Story by: Terminator
Written by: Carma SharonTom Simin

Camera Operator: Martin Horlacher
CGI: Tom Simin